Our office was established as a new venture by a team of nine attorneys—four women and five men—who formerly worked together at the Harago & Partners Law Office.

Our director, Shinichi Sugiyama, joined the Harago & Partners Law Office after passing the bar exam in 1992, and he has served as a Managing Partner and Director of the Sugiyama Office since 2006. As a proxy for financial institutions, Shinichi managed the disposition of mortgaged real estate following the collapse of the Japanese asset price bubble at the end of the 20th-century. Thereafter, he served as a proxy and counsellor for domestic and international clients entering Japan’s expanding investment real estate market. He provided strategic legal guidance regarding value-add properties and market exit strategies, working with each client to achieve the best solutions together.

At Sugiyama & Partners LPC, our breadth of experience and knowledge allows us to provide services addressing a range of client needs, including private clients’ family law cases and corporate law cases alike. We bring our expertise to cases involving domestic and international investment property value-add and maintenance; settlements centering on real estate and intellectual property rights; and business reorganization and succession. In addition, our law offices are qualified to provide support for cases surrounding sports law, such as advising on national sports federation management and preparing statements on athletes' legal issues.

We believe that success arises only through collaboration. For this reason, we form teams of representation suited to the unique needs of our clients, with each member bringing diverse areas of expertise and experiences to the table. Through continuous discussions with our clients and outside experts, we work as a team to achieve desired outcomes.

Our law office is committed to using our expertise to promote the betterment of society. Toward this aim, our lawyers are regularly involved in bar association committee affairs, public services, and other external engagements that promote legal practices for the greater good.

Our law office accepts only referred cases. We apologize for the inconvenience.


*We provide services both in English and Japanese for all of the below.

Real Estate
Investment property-related legal issues (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Real estate purchases, development, leasing, and redevelopment (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Rent increase/decrease claims (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Real estate surrender (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Construction-related legal issues (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)

Corporate Litigation and Dispute Settlement
Management and responses to infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Litigation for declaratory judgment of absence or invalidation of shareholder meeting resolutions, and other litigation concerning the organization of a company
Debt collection on loans, etc. (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Various damage claims (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Other corporate disputes (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)

Corporate Law
Management decisions and intercompany transactions (legal advice)
Shareholder meetings, board meetings, and other operations (legal advice)
Legal advice, contract drafting/reviewing, and negotiations for various transactions
Labor issues (advice, negotiations, and legal procedures)
Consultation and support following law amendments (e.g. Civil Code, Companies Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, administrative laws related to real estate, etc.) and precedent research for legal interpretations
Document preparation (meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, internal regulations, etc.)
Consultation, internal audits, and third-party committee organization around human resources & compliance
External reporting desk
Internal training and seminars
Outside director and outside counsel

Business Revitalization and Succession
Corporate restructuring, business revitalization, advice for business succession, negotiations and other legal procedures

Advisory in Fields of Expertise (in coordination with outside field experts)
Architecture (i.e. building defects)
Medicine (i.e. medical malpractice)
Science & technology
Sports Law (athlete representation; advice, research, negotiations and dispute settlement on legal issues related to sports organizations; etc.)

Private Client Services
Family Law (advice on marriage, adoption, inheritance; will drafting; and dispute settlement)
Real estate inheritance (business succession, family trust, management and disposal of shared-ownership property, etc.)
Labor issues (worker side)
Criminal cases